Referral Programs

The Services may allow you to spread the message about the Services, including referral programs that permit you to submit information from the Services about other persons (each, a “Referred Person”), including, without limitation, email addresses, social media networks, wireless telephone numbers, names, street addresses and other contact information, so they may receive information and/or promotional offers concerning the Services. You must have obtained the consent of the Referred Person prior to providing us with his or her contact information.

We reserve the right to limit the number of Referred Persons you can submit.  We reserve the right to specify the actions required by a Referred Persons in order for you to qualify for a reward. We reserve the right to limit the number of communications with any particular Referred Person from time to time. You may not withdraw the contact information you provide for a Referred Person once it has been submitted. A Referred Person must be of legal age of majority in his/her jurisdiction of residence, and be able to register for, or use, the Services. The contact information for a Referred Person must be valid and Ignitectioning in order for us to contact him or her about the Services. We will not be responsible for validating the contact information you provide. We may elect NOT to communicate with any Referred Person and/or e-mail address if he/she/it appears to be on any of our “do not contact” or “do not e-mail” lists. We may also reject the participation of any Referred Person if (a) the contact information provided by you is incorrect or not valid, (b) such individual has violated any provision of these Terms, or (c) we determine in our sole discretion that the participation of such individual may be harmful to us, the Services, or any third party. We specifically disclaim any liability for such rejection.

We may send you a confirmation to inform you that the Referred Person has registered for an account. If you engage in improper behavior with respect to a referral program, as we determine in our sole discretion, we may discontinue providing the Services to you. We may also offer incentives or rewards in connection with a referral program, and any such incentives or rewards shall be subject to any Additional Terms (including the Fluz Fashion  LLC Rewards Program) which are deemed incorporated into, and subject to, these Terms. We may suspend or terminate any and all referral programs without notice, reason or liability.


Any sweepstakes, contests, challenges, leaderboards, games and/or promotional offers accessible through the Services are governed by specific Rules and/or terms and conditions and may be restricted to users with accounts. If you are eligible, by entering any sweepstakes or contests or participating in such games or promotional offers accessible through the Services, you will be subject to those rules and/or terms and conditions. It is critical that you read the applicable rules and/or terms and conditions, which are linked from the particular page or activity. To the extent of any conflict between those rules and/or terms and conditions and these Terms, the rules and/or terms and conditions will govern, but only to the extent of the conflict. Any sweepstakes, contests, games and/or promotional offers made available or advertised on third party sites accessible from the Services (such as those of social media websites), in addition to being subject to the specific rules and/or terms and conditions applicable to your participation in such features through the Services, will also be subject to the rules and/or terms and conditions applicable to your participation in such feature(s) on those third party sites.


Advertisements, Sponsorships, Co-Promotions and Other Partnerships

Fluz Fashion  LLC may display or link to advertisements for the goods and services of a third party on or through the Services, including in connection with co-promotions, sponsorships and other similar partnership arrangements. Fluz Fashion  LLC does not endorse or warrant, and is not responsible for the safety, quality, accuracy, reliability, integrity or legality of, any such goods or services advertised, promoted or displayed through the Services.

General Promotions Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise noted, all Fluz Fashion  LLC promotions are limited to one per user, per household during the promotional period while supplies last. In order to qualify for a promotion, users must have an active, verified Fluz Fashion  LLC Account. Free gifts do not qualify to be transferred to another Fluz Fashion  LLC user. Subject to promotion details, free and discounted gifts may not qualify to be transferred to other users or exchanged for another retailer.

Fluz Fashion  LLC maintains a zero-tolerance policy for users who abuse promotions through falsified or misrepresented PII or other means. All instances of abuse will result in a complete revocation of promotional gifts and permanent ban from the Fluz Fashion  LLC Website. Fluz Fashion  LLC reserves the right to deny promo code redemptions and enforce permanent platform bans at its discretion. Such reasons include but are not limited to:

  • The creation of fraudulent or duplicate user profiles on the Fluz Fashion  LLC website
  • Suspected promo code abuse or any attempt to “game the system”
  • Identity mismatch from Payment Methods, public records, etc
  • The unauthorized distribution of promo codes to new or existing users

Promotion redemption may be contingent upon additional actions in or outside of the Fluz Fashion  LLC website such as completion of the user’s Fluz Fashion  LLC profile, social media participation, etc. It is the user’s responsibility to read all terms and conditions outlined in this document and the applicable marketing campaign. If the user doesn’t understand the terms and conditions, it is their responsibility to contact us to seek clarification before the promotional period has ended.


Gift Promotions

Boosts, vouchers or free gifts are subject to the retailer and amount advertised in the applicable marketing campaign shared via Fluz Fashion  LLC‘s website, social media page(s), email or SMS message(s). Free gifts sent via the “Invite Friends” link or referral program are subject to these same terms and conditions.


Discounted Gift Promotions

Unless otherwise noted, discounted gift promotions are available to new and existing users.  Discounted gifts are subject to the qualifying gift retailer and/or gift amount advertised in the applicable marketing campaign shared via Fluz Fashion  LLC‘s website, social media page(s), email or SMS message(s).  Regardless of the discount type or amount, all discounted gift promotions require a valid Payment Method.